The Agency have taken all proper measures to notify artistes of their responsibilities in law regarding proper accreditation of electrical equipment and their responsibilities regarding Public liability Insurance. We therefore will not accept any liability arising from the misuseor neglect of legal requirements by any party to this contract.

PLEASE NOTE (Important failure to book the correct package , may result in your party not being perfect , if wrong information is given at booking we won’t be liable For a failed party were the children may not understand the package ) We don’t undertake dances ,however every effort is made to host your party with success .
Disco games sweets package only suitable for majority age of children 4 + to 10 years old. Magic show, children 4 to 8 years old .
Tiny tots package 2 to 4 years old
Soft play hire strictly under 5s
Bouncy castles max age 11 year old, strictly no adults. On bookings over 2 hours long it is a requirement and understanding that the act may need to use the toilet and take refreshments , this will not affect the standards of your entertainment .
Mascot hire- We will not tolerate children punching or kicking , pulling the outfits etc , should this happen the mascot character will end the performance with no loss of fees , further if any damage is made you will be responsible for the repairs. Most packages are undertaken by 1 person unless otherwise stated. If this is a soft play hire ,
No food or drink to be consumed on the equipment , failure to adhere to this will result in a £30 cleaning fee being paid , by paying the deposit you agree to this .
All shoes must be removed before using the equipment, no pointed shoes by the adults that may damage the equipment floor , should we find damage to this effect you will be responsible for repairs .
All balls must be returned to the ball pool at the hire end , should we have to undertake collecting all the balls from the venue floor , then a £20 charge will be made.

1. CANCELLATIONS – This is a binding contract and requires no signature.
Stars In Your Eyes Limited requires written notice to cancel any booking by the hirer named on this contract only. No verbal cancellations are accepted whatsoever. All Deposits are non-returnable. Full Payment is due immediately, if the contract is not cancelled with at least 31 days notice prior to the event date, with the exception to the month of December, where the cancellation deadline is extended, to 1st November,for all bookings made for the month of December. Bookings made within the 31 days prior to the event above are still due and payable in full if cancelled.

2. NON APPEARANCE – In the unlikely event any DJ/Artist fails to appear for whatever reason, considering the main factor that full address of the venue as been correctly given, by YOU the customer, Stars In Your Eyes Limited reserves the right to substitute the non-appearing act with a similar act, as full replacement to the DJ/Artist named above, if this is not possible and therefore a non appearance occurs, then compensation is equivalent to the above full fee ONLY and is the sole responsibility of the act and NOT Stars In Your Eyes Limited. However should the DJ/Artist provide a full medical sick note from a doctor then compensation is via return of any deposits paid ONLY as final settlement, this is also the responsibility of the act and NOT Stars In Your Eyes Limited. The Company is not responsible for nonfulfillment of contracts or actions whatsoever, by proprietors, managers, employers or artistes, but every reasonable safeguard is assured.

3. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY – Stars In Your Eyes Limited request that you ensure that the act is to your exact requirements, changes to the above act (details/times etc.) maybe chargeable. Deposits may also be required and are non refundable. It is the clients/ Hirers responsibility to inform Stars In Your Eyes Ltd. if the function room/ venue is upstairs, failure to do so will result in the act/dj having insufficient time to set up. Should you not inform Stars In Your Eyes Ltd. of this then the DJ/Act will be apx 45 minutes late on the booking start time to allow for the extra work involved at no loss to the DJ/Act.

4. DRESS CODE – This booking is for the above Artist to perform during the above times, the Artist will be dressed to suit the function. It is the clients responsibility to contact the Stars In Your Eyes Limited office one week prior to the above date of booking, to discuss every detail relevant to make your function a complete success and we will endeavor to forward on such information collected to the Artist/D.J mentioned above.

5. FINISHING TIMES – It is the clients/Hirers responsibility to check that the venue is in agreement with artists finishing times. Should the Venue Management require that the act finishes earlier than stated above, the full fee is still payable to the artists and any loss is the clients/hirers responsibility.

6. NOTICE IS GIVEN – Should the D.J/ARTIST be physically threatened or any active abuse made against them or should a fight or disturbance occur, during their performance which could harm either the D.J/ARTIST or damage any equipment/vehicles etc. or no adequate secured parking which puts the Artists/DJs vehicle etc. at risk, Stars In Your Eyes Limited reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect, with such high risk and at no loss of the full fee above.
Further on a mobile disco
A request for a song is a request and should not be demanded .

7. ADULT SUPERVISION – Should this be a Children’s party, then Stars In Your Eyes Limited insists that there is adult supervision at all times during the above performance. This company nor any Artist/D.J cannot accept any responsibility for any Children, especially unsupervised Children.

8. RE-BOOKINGS – All re-bookings must be made through the Stars In Your Eyes Limited office ONLY and must not be made with any of our acts directly.

9. All Artists/D.Js been subcontracted on the basis of being of good character. Stars In Your Eyes Limited accepts no liability for any unlawful behavior of the persons named on this contract.

10. PAYMENTS – Please ensure that the entertainer is paid STRICTLY upon arrival with CASH unless otherwise stated above. Failure to pay will result in the entertainer concluding his/her entertainment with immediate effect.
Please don’t be shocked if the entertainer asks for his/her fee before commencing the contract as this is normal procedure. (Certain packages require full payment 7 days prior as stated above) Strictly No CHEQUE PAYMENTS ON THE DAY unless agreed with the office prior to event.

11. CLAIMS – In the unlikely event that a claim may arise from the above booking, then it is the responsibility of the act and not Stars In Your Eyes Limited. as we are acting as an employment agency in the above contract.

12. WEATHER – In the event of a hot sunny day, if you the client allow or choose for the children attending your function to play outside the venue,then the DJ/Act will not be able to entertain the children and if no entertainment occurs because of the aforementioned, then this is the clients/hirers responsibility and no claims or refunds shall be given. We therefore advise you that all children are encouraged to remain within the venue, whilst the entertainment is in progress. Force Majeure – A party is not liable for failure to perform the party’s obligations if such failure is as a result of Acts of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, snow, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalisation, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labor dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service. In the event of extreme bad weather Stars In Your Eyes reserve the right to cancel the booking in the interests of health and safety.

13. CONTENT OF THE DISCO – Stars In Your Eyes Limited. accepts no responsibility for the content of the disco. The disco will be conducted by a professional DJ/Entertainer with a great deal of experience of performing discos. Should the DJ be unable to play a certain song or songs for whatever reasons, the company accepts no responsibility whatsoever and will not refund any monies on this basis. It is reasonable to assume that whilst our DJs have vast record and CD collections there is no way humanely possible that they will ever have every single title ever recorded. However whilst every effort will be made to obtain the titles no guarantee’s can be given and the company accepts no responsibility for being unable to obtain and play them. If you own the special songs you require yourself then the DJ will be more than happy to play the CDs for you and will return the CDs to you on the night. However Stars In Your Eyes Limited. accepts no responsibilty for loss or damage to your CDs in anyway whatsoever.

14. FACE PAINTING – Should the booking have face painting then it is the clients/hirers responsibility to to ensure that each persons face being painted has no history or medical skin condition/Allergies which may have a reaction to the paints that we use. We only use Snazaroo face paints. All are manufactured using ingredients fully compliant with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations, and are non-toxic. Stars In Your Eyes Limited will accept no responsibility for any skin reactions that may occur. IMPORTANT – 1 Hour face painting is the equivalent for 15 children’s faces, so if you book 2 Hours that would be enough time for 30 faces to be painted.

15. BOUNCY CASTLE/SOFT PLAY – If this booking is for a bouncy castle or soft play, please take notice Stars In Your Eyes Limited. excepts no responsibility whatsoever for any personal injury. The equipment is hired out on the basis of that you the hirer and your guests will take adequate care to guarantee no injury. It is the clients hirers responsibility to check that the equipment will fit into the room/ hall where the castle or soft play equipment is to be set up. Should we arrive and either the castle or soft play does not fit then the full amount is still due and payable. Full measurements are available upon request.
We do not hire out soft play to be used outside .

16. CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN – If this booking is for a chocolate fountain hire, please note that Stars In Your Eyes Limited excepts no responsibility for any injury arising from the misuse of the equipment, further stars in your eyes ltd excepts no responsibility regarding spilt chocolate that may stain carpets fixtures and fittings or any personal clothing. Should any cleaning bills arise then it will be the hirers responsibility to compensate any claims and not Stars In Your Eyes Limited. Further we reserve the right to stop any person using the fountain if found to be misusing the equipment. The food after the hire period upon the contract will not be left behind unless you sign a disclaimer to take control of it. It is possible that some of the dips may contain gluten. Therfore Coeliacs should know which to avoid. Any person with nut allergies should NOT use the chocolate fountain.